Talks and Invited Lectures

“Latin learning in crisis: cosmology and conquest in Stephen of Antioch (c. 1127),” International Medieval Congress (Leeds), July 2020.

“Literary Spolia in the Twelfth-Century Latin East: Constructing the Past of the Templum Domini,” Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East, July 2020.

“The poetics of literary ‘regifting’ in the Latin East,” The Poetics of Occasional Literature in the Eastern Mediterranean and Beyond (11th to 17th c.): A Cross-Cultural Approach, The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, Stockholm, April 2020.

“Inter-religious polemic in Walter the Chancellor’s Bella Antiochena ,” Pirenne Institute, Ghent University, April 2020.

“Christian-Muslim polemic in the principality of Antioch,” Christian-Muslim Relations Workshop, Stockholm University, March 2020.

“Rhetorical invention in Outremer: Chantilly, Musée Condé 433,” Medieval French Without Borders, March 2020 (with Rosa M. Rodríguez Porto).

“Performing learned Latinity in the Levant (12th-13th centuries),” PAIXUE Symposium – Classicising Learning, Performance, and Power: Eurasian Perspectives from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period, University of Edinburgh, December 2019.

“Unlikely authors: the Latin East as a place for literary mobility,” International Medieval Congress (Leeds), July 2019.

“The natural and the supernatural in medieval Latin lives of Muhammad,” keynote lecture, Annual Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Studies Research Master Conference: “Appealing to higher powers: The intermingling of the natural and the supernatural in the Premodern World,” Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, June 2019.

“Literary success and failure in the Latin East and West: the case of Fulcher of Chartres,” Canon, Library, and Medieval Publishing: A Workshop, Centre for Medieval Literature, University of Southern Denmark, April 2019.

“Latinizing the Qur’an: religious and scientific discourse in Robert of Ketton and Mark of Toledo,” Corpus Coranicum Christianium Preliminary Workshop, Freie Universität von Berlin, December 2018.

“Flavius Josephus as an Eyewitness Authority,” Eyewitness reports in Greek and Roman historiography: A workshop, University of Southern Denmark, November 2018.

“Christian-Muslim Polemic in the Latin East: Latin Intellectualism in ‘Adelphus’,” 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, May 2018.

“Josephus and his readers in the Crusader States,” Eighth International Medieval Latin Congress, Vienna, September 2017.

“Arabica exemplaria: William of Tyre’s use of Arabic texts,” 52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, May 2017.

“Contesting Frankish identity in Jerusalem,” Memory and Identity in the Middle Ages: The Construction of a Cultural Memory of the Holy Land (4th–16th Centuries) at the University of Amsterdam, May 2016.

“Barefoot across the Euphrates: Literary commemoration and narrative technique in Fulcher of Chartres and William of Tyre,” 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, May 2016.

“Reading the Desert Fathers in Frankish Sidon,” Collations of the Harvard Medieval Studies Committee, November 2015.

“The sword and crown of Vespasian,” Sharing the Holy Land: Perceptions of Sacred Space in the Medieval and Early Modern Eastern Mediterranean, Symposium at the Warburg Institute, June 2015.

“Rollandum dicas Oliveriumque renatos: reliving the past in the Latin East,” Seventh International Medieval Latin Congress, Lyons, September 2014.

“De antiquis exempla sumamus: classical culture in the twelfth-century Latin East,” Third International Symposium on Crusade Studies at Saint Louis University, February 2014.

“Latin literature in the Crusader States (1098–1187),” Agricola Seminar of the Department of History at Groningen University, October 2013.

“William of Tyre and twelfth-century culture in the Latin East,” 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, May 2013.

“‘tam philosophicis rationibus quam divinis auctoritatibus’: The reception of the Apology of al-Kindi in Medieval Western Europe,” International Medieval Congress (Leeds), July 2012.

“A new edition of Geoffrey, abbot of the Templum Domini, On the seven books of Josephus,” Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East (Cáceres, Spain), June 2012.

“Medieval commentary traditions on Persius reconsidered,” Texts and Contexts (Ohio State University), October 2011.

“Divina omnipotentia in Peter Damian and Peter Abelard,” International Medieval Congresss (Leeds), July 2011.